Our Story

Alas Latinas combines the talents of multilingual vocalist Claudia Simone and versatile guitarist Don Cardinali. The duo performs regularly at a variety of venues throughout southern and central California including wineries, art galleries, restaurants and festivals.

Claudia Simone
(vocals) is a fluent Spanish speaker and native of Great Britain. She spent part of her childhood in Spain and has lived in Mexico and Argentina. Claudia performed in a Cuban ensemble in London and a traditional variety band in Mexico City before moving to California in 2012. A gifted linguist, she sings in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

Don Cardinali
(guitar) first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. A versatile musician, he’s played in numerous groups including Latin band Native Son, folk-rock group The Cardinali Brothers, blues band North on 33, and the long running Ojai Mardi Gras Band. Through Alas Latinas, Don reconnects with his Portuguese roots. He is the owner of Cardinali Brothers Music store in Ojai.